About Us

Askivider.com is the first online video classified advertising website and mobile apps for international users which first launches its debut in UAE market. Having a wide range of categories for advertisement, Askvider.com delivers an innovative platform for a daily user to sell, buy or look for something as per their requirement.

By introducing a new and safe way of presenting your products/services to your buyer, Askvider introduces the first video classified advertising approach on its platform with posted products/services being presented in real-time to eliminate the common doubts of the potential buyer whether or not the post is real as described.

 Why choose us?

What sets us different from the market is that apart from being passionate about the mix classified advertisement and the quality of support we offer, we step up and innovate the old fashion way of advertising your products/services to your potential buyers with the new approach - Video classified Advertising.

Why video advertising?


Base from these stats provided by some of the trusted organization, it certainly gives us the purpose to let our Users experience the new and safe way to market and sell their products/services and convert to a guaranteed sale.