Askvider Privacy Policy

Askvider, Located at .. UAE hereinafter referred to as “Askvider”) Askvider welcomes you
(Users, Members, Third-Parties or any Person or Entity accessing or visiting or utilizing the services of Askvider are collectively and hereinafter referred to as the “Askvider Community” . As and when the context requires, the terms “you” “your” “yours” and “Askvider Community” may be used interchangeably without affecting the meaning as provided) to the world of interactions, sales, & purchases. Located at ..UAE hereinafter referred to as “Askvider”). Askvider hereby informs you of its Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy” ).

The Privacy Policy is effective as of 18th February 2019. All, without limitation, ideas, videos, photos, drawings, images, excerpts, clips, video clips, audio clips, audio files, notes, messages, emails, billboard postings, profiles, opinions, files, materials, information, job postings, goods for sale/use/rent/ job postings, job ads, services postings transmitted, posted, made available on the Askvider Site shall be collectively and without restrictions termed and referred as “Contributions” . It is hereby advised to the Askvider Community to keep ready reference of the Privacy Policy. If any clause contained herewith is not acceptable, immediate dis-association from the Askvider Site is advised as continued use of the Askvider Site is deemed consent of the Privacy Policy. Such consent is deemed legally provided for all intents and purposes. By virtue of the use of the Askvider Site, the Askvider Community is hereby granted a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and a limited privilege to access and utilize the Askvider Site.

By impliedly or expressly accepting the Privacy Policy, the Askvider Community will be deemed to be bound by all and any of the Privacy Policy.

If desired, translated versions of the Privacy Policy may be made available by Askvider strictly for reference purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy in the translation and the English text of the Privacy Policy, the English text of the Privacy Policy shall supersede.

Using Askvider

Trust of Askvider Community is the driving principle of Askvider. Askvider undertakes all reasonable measures to protect the Privacy of the Askvider Community. The Provisions contained herewith are to offer Askvider Community the guidelines, and practices in place by Askvider to gather and disseminate information of the Askvider Community.

Askvider has strict security measures in place to protect loss, misuse, modification of such Personal Information as is deemed, upon exclusive discretion and sole opinion, under reasonable control of Askvider.

To keep Askvider updated, the Privacy Policy may change from time to time. Askvider is not, and shall not be construed to be under any obligation of any nature to apprise Askvider Community of the changes. All modifications shall be made readily available on the Askvider Site. Titles of such modified Privacy Policy shall incorporate the modified date to ensure Askvider Community is timely updated and informed of the changes.

By accessing the Askvider Site, Askvider shall collect and store retrievable Personal Information of the Askvider Community (for all intents and purposes, Personal Information is any information which can be used to identify a specific person and/or entity). Such Personal Information is provided by the Askvider Community from time to time whilst connected or associated in any manner with the Askvider Site. Askvider may, at times, ask for a valid proof of identification [for illustration purposes only: Passport Copy, Visa Copy, resident permit etc.]

Retention of the Personal Information assists Askvider in tailoring the Askvider Site to accommodate and make the experience of the Askvider Community safer and more user-friendly. Any anonymized information which cannot be used to identify a specific person and/or entity shall not be construed as Personal Information.

To accommodate the varying needs of Askvider Community, Askvider offers the flexibility to use Askvider Site without necessarily revealing your Personal Information. The limit of accessibility to the Askvider Site may, however, be limited in such scenario. Furthermore, Askvider Community is not required to disclose all of the requested Personal Information. To achieve this, Askvider informs you of the fields which are, which are not required and may not be shared.

Askvider also offers the Askvider Community with the flexibility to opt-out of receiving promotional, marketing-related communications from Askvider after setting up Accounts with Askvider. Certain information [For illustration purposes: email address, phone number, credit card, debit card etc.] is mandatory.

A user specific file may also be retained by Askvider to store information procured through a specific personal correspondence of any of the Askvider Community. Upon express consent, Askvider shall have the right to procure, use, retrieve, access SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Location information which can be procured through various instruments such as IP Address GPS Wi-Fi Access Points, Mobile Towers etc.

Askvider has the right to access device specific information, time-zones Internet Protocol Address Log-in Information, information shared by you whilst using our interactive tabs, such as chats. As is ubiquitous on the Internet, Askvider too utilizes Cookies connected with the Web Browser. Whilst you have the option to disable to adjust enabled Cookies, this may lead to inaccessibility of certain key Askvider Functions, Features, Tabs and offerings.

Additionally, Askvider Site also utilizes plugins of the social media networks facebook.com, Twitter, Instagram and similar other social media networks along with Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google +1, Due to the interracial nature of Internet, any Personal Information stored and shared on the Askvider Site may be accessed by, without limitation, Third-Party Web-sites, Third Party Users. Askvider Protection Polices, without exception, do not apply to such external activities and Askvider is not responsible, under any circumstance, for the privacy practices of such external users. Should, at any time, you decide to remove your contact information from all Askvider lists and newsletters, please unsubscribe by visiting.

Askvider Community Personal Information is used for various purposes. A non-exhaustive list is as provided hereunder:

▪ To remember your last activity on the Askvider Site

▪ Reduce the frequency of inserting log-in credential per visit session or new session

▪ Send offers based on the Askvider Community interest and past practices

▪ Internal researches to assess and understand the Askvider Community interests, behaviors, trends and selections

▪ Assess and analyze the Web-Page flow

▪ Assess and analyze promotional effectiveness

▪ Promote and harvest trust

▪ Promote and harvest a safe environment

▪ Assess and analyze Askvider Community buying behavior.

▪ Resolve disputes

▪ Undertake Trouble-Shooting

▪ Collect money

▪ Tailor Askvider Community personal experience.

▪ Detect fraudulent activity/activities

▪ Detect criminal activity/activities

▪ Enforce Askvider T&Us

▪ Diagnose problems with the Askvider Server

▪ General administration of the Askvider Site

▪ Display preferential content

▪ Share Personal Information with the Askvider Affiliate and other Entities, corporate personal or otherwise.

On rare events, Askvider may share and disclose Personal Information with Third Parties to ensure compliance and enforcement of Askvider Legal Obligations. Such share and disclosure will, at all times, be undertaken in the sole opinion and discretion of Askvider as they deem fit and without any claim from the Askvider Community or any Third-Party.

In the event Askvider merges, amalgamates, restructures, re-organizes or is acquired, purchased by any other business entity Askvider may sell or share either full or in part all of the Askvider Community Personal Information. Such share and sale will, at all times, be undertaken in the sole opinion and discretion of Askvider as they deem fit and without any claim from the Askvider Community or any Third-Party. In such an even the Privacy Policy may be amended.

Askvider hereunder offers Askvider Community some additional guidelines and measures which the Askvider Community may undertake to safeguard the Personal Information:

▪ Refrain from posting any Personal Information anywhere on the Askvider Site

▪ Respect, at all times, and all circumstances, without exception privacy of the fellow Askvider Community

▪ Gather information with respect to the Privacy Policies of fellow Askvider Community before sharing and transmitting your Personal Information

▪ Use fellow Askvider Community Personal Information in accordance with all the Applicable Laws, norms, conventions, practices.

▪ Do not spam, hack, mine, copy, imitate, intervene the Askvider Site, breach the security, reveal, expose, trace or attempt to trace any information on the Askvider Site.

Internet is not a safe medium and should not be construed as such hence, no guarantee, whether implied or express, is offered by Askvider.

If you believe your Personal Information has been jeopardized, used, exploited please notify us vide our Contact Form

It is hereby notified Askvider may collect, gather, procure, retain, store your additional information in ways not categorically mentioned herewith


Please contact Askvider Vide the Contact Form for any questions, queries regarding the Privacy Policy.